PAUL SPURLIN is the CEO and President of He and his wife, Stephanie, were married in July 1998 and have a daughter Laney and a Son Tyler, Paul has been in youth ministry since 1996. Paul has a Bachelors degree from Southern Christian University and a Masters in Ministry from Faulkner University. He also serves on the Board for Exposure Youth Camp, Directs at Faulkner University.

Youth Worker Tract Committee

ANDREW JENKINS is the Youth Minister at the Woodson Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee. Andrew married Kadee in 2010. They welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world in April 2015. Andrew serves on the Board for Adventures In Ministry and He serves on the Executive Committee for Exposure Youth Camp. Andrew serves as the Chairman of the Youth Worker Committee for AIMCON.




JON PODEIN is the Vice President of He has two daughters Kaytlyn & Kristin ." Jon has been in youth ministry since 1998. Jon has a Bachelors Degree in Bible and Masters Degree in New Testament from Faulkner University. Jon leads singing at EYC, AIMCON, & CYC. He also serves on the Board for Exposure Youth Camp and


JASON GREEN  is the youth minister for the Prattville Church of Christ in Prattville, AL. He and his wife, Cassie, have two children. Jason is a graduate of Faulkner University with a degree in Biblical Studies. 


NEIL SCOTT  is the Director of Admissions at Faulkner University. He is married to Haley Itson Scott. Neil graduated from Faulkner and also received his Masters there as well.